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3 Steps to Letting Go of Perfectionism and Freeing Yourself from Anxiety

The end result of perfectionism, however, is not feeling more accomplished and lovable, but instead feeling more stressed out and anxious. Eventually, you realize that pushing hard is not actually going to get you to the finish line you’ve imagined for yourself. It’s actually only pushing the finish line further away.

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How to Eliminate Your Mommy Mental Workload: 8 Steps for More Balance and Connection

Mothers are always the ones thinking of and planning for everyone else in the family. Not only this, carrying out the details of the plans often falls to moms as well. As a result, you often feel like your brain never turns off. Like you have a running list of to-dos inside your head and that no one else can accomplish the tasks but you. So, at the end of the day, you feel massively overwhelmed. And worried and anxious and sad.

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Coping with Mother's Day While Struggling with Infertility

Mother’s Day can be a particularly challenging and heartbreaking day for women who are struggling to conceive. If you are undergoing fertility treatment or trying to conceive without success, you may have already noticed some anxiety building up in the days before Mother’s Day. While there’s no denying that the holiday can be a painful reminder of what you are missing, here are a few tips on how to make the day a little bit easier for you.

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5 Ways to Conquer Mom Guilt and Stop Second-Guessing Yourself

Dropping my daughter off at school the other day, I walked into her classroom to realize that it was pajama day and she was the only kid not in pajamas.  I had forgotten to check the school calendar.  And while I’m being honest, it wasn’t just that day.  I hadn’t checked it for the entire month.  There had been no posted reminders or verbal heads up the day before.  How was I supposed to remember? Immediately, my mind went to “I screwed up.”

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Making Time for Self-Care When There Is No Time

Does self-care sound like a really amazing idea but you never seem to be able to get to it?  You’re way too busy doing what you need to do for work, getting those annoying but necessary things done like laundry and making dinner, and then trying to squeeze some time in for the important people in your life.  

You’re constantly doing things All. Day. Long.  Where is self-care possibly supposed to fit in anyway?

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Anger, PPD's Best Kept Secret

There are so many misconceptions when it comes to postpartum depression.  And one of the things that is rarely talked about is that anger is a symptom of postpartum depression.  

Many women describe it as intense anger or rage. This can be anger like you’ve never experienced before.  Oftentimes, mothers feel scared by it because it feels so out of character for them.

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Coping with Infertility

10 to 15% of couples experience infertility each year.  Research shows that the diagnosis of infertility is comparable to that of a life-threatening medical illness, such as cancer, in terms of the emotional impact it has.  It's not surprising that many women, even those who have coped well through past adversities, find themselves feeling overwhelmed.

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