Jessica Falzarano, LSW

I'm Jessica and I want to help you create a new normal to meet you wherever you are at on your parenthood journey. You may be feeling very far from your typical normal and like a shell of your former self. I want to help you build confidence and support so you feel empowered to to show up for life and all others in the capacity that you want to.

Becoming a parent is a monumental life experience. One that people don’t speak openly about, especially the struggles of having a new baby and the realities of your new identity. We live in a society that doesn’t allow us the space and time to assume our new role as parent and feel grounded before rushing back to work or being judged for not having your body back.  

And when it comes to trouble conceiving and pregnancy loss, no one acknowledges your pain. All the grief and loss you have endured is left unspoken. There are very few people who truly know how to support you at this time. 

You may be feeling lost right now or disconnected from loved ones, as your mind constantly drifts to all that has been troubling you and what you want the future to look like

This is where our work begins. Together, we will work on restoring your confidence and feeling more like yourself. We may focus on making peace with what life looks like for right now and changing the things that are within your control.

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I am a Licensed Social Worker and therapist at Postpartum Health & Harmony. I graduated from the college of St. Elizabeth with my Bachelor’s degree in psychology and received my Master’s in Clinical Social Work from Rutgers School of Social Work.. I have training in perinatal bereavement and loss and maternal mental health. My background includes working with individuals and groups in outpatient and intensive outpatient settings. I am a member of the National Association of Social Workers (NASW), Postpartum Support International (PSI), and am an active member in my community, participating in a variety of volunteer work. Clinical social work is my second career.  I also have over 10 years of experience in the corporate world doing management and accounting.

I utilize a holistic approach in sessions because after all, we are all complex people leading complex lives. We are all unique individuals, with our own stories. We are not separate from our environment but are affected by it and the people surrounding us. I also use evidence-based techniques including CBT and mindfulness.

We have 3 offices, located in Chatham, Mountain Lakes, and Morris Plains.  All are baby friendly, so feel free to bring your baby or leave baby at home.  Whatever will make you more comfortable.

If you have suffered a pregnancy loss and being around a baby is more than you can bear right now, we completely understand and will schedule your appointments with your needs in mind.

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