Embracing Your Postpartum Body

The changes that come along with having a baby are numerous and often surprising.  We live in a society where women are expected to “bounce back” from pregnancy and childbirth - resume work or your typical daily routine, somehow exist on little sleep, and get your pre- pregnancy body back.  How many times have you heard someone say “she looks great for just having a baby!” or “she still has some baby weight to lose”?  It’s as if losing the baby weight is your next greatest achievement in life.  

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Postpartum Emotions: What's Typical and When It's Time to Ask for Help

There is so much confusion about what are typical postpartum feelings and what warrants a conversation with your healthcare provider.  If you try to talk to friends or family, you will likely be given some inaccurate information.  Unfortunately, sometimes even doctors may not recognize the signs of postpartum depression or anxiety.   

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Dear Postpartum Exercise Junkie, Cut Yourself Some Slack

If you are someone who has always been committed to exercising regularly, then pregnancy probably hasn't slowed you down much. You know how vital exercise is to your well-being.  So I’m sure that during your pregnancy you were already planning your postpartum return to exercise.  Like many parts of motherhood, returning to exercise after having a baby can throw you some curveballs.

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MotherhoodLaura Winters
So When Are You Going to Have a Baby? Dealing with Infertility and That Awkward Question

When you're struggling with infertility, there are so many things that you don't want to face - pregnancy announcements, congratulating people on their pregnancy, baby showers, basically anything that relates to still not being pregnant.  And there are often occasions where people don't realize that their innocent questions or well- meaning comments are actually painful to bear.  

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Making Time for Self-Care When There Is No Time

Does self-care sound like a really amazing idea but you never seem to be able to get to it?  You’re way too busy doing what you need to do for work, getting those annoying but necessary things done like laundry and making dinner, and then trying to squeeze some time in for the important people in your life.  

You’re constantly doing things All. Day. Long.  Where is self-care possibly supposed to fit in anyway?

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