Yes, Counseling for Infertility Is a Thing!

I was talking to a friend recently about her infertility struggles and the idea of counseling came up.  She responded, "I didn't know counseling for infertility was a thing.  I’m sure that would've helped me a lot."  

think my friend's sentiments are probably true for a lot of people going through infertility.  There is so much that you are concerned with while you're going through fertility treatments - focusing on getting pregnant, managing shots, making your appointments - just to name a few.  And you're juggling all of this on top of your typical daily schedule.  

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Anger, PPD's Best Kept Secret

There are so many misconceptions when it comes to postpartum depression.  And one of the things that is rarely talked about is that anger is a symptom of postpartum depression.  

Many women describe it as intense anger or rage. This can be anger like you’ve never experienced before.  Oftentimes, mothers feel scared by it because it feels so out of character for them.

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What Your Friend Going Through Infertility Needs From You

Unless you’ve been through it yourself, it’s tough to understand what someone you care about is going through when it comes to infertility treatments.  For starters, there’s the overhwhelming medical aspect of the process - a whole new dictionary of medical terms to be learned, as well as understanding treatments and what you have to do.  There will be a lot of decisions to consider, sometimes very difficult choices that you would never have to consider otherwise.  Then there’s the lack of privacy that comes with family or friends wanting to know how things are going, but you’re just not ready to talk about it.  Or you simply may not care to reveal the intimate details of your and your partner’s sex organs.  

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Coping with Infertility

10 to 15% of couples experience infertility each year.  Research shows that the diagnosis of infertility is comparable to that of a life-threatening medical illness, such as cancer, in terms of the emotional impact it has.  It's not surprising that many women, even those who have coped well through past adversities, find themselves feeling overwhelmed.

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5 Essential Ways to Beat Boredom As a New Mom

Before you became a mother, you may have had some friends who already were mothers or other friends who were planning on starting a family soon.  Isn’t it funny how now that you have a baby, no one is around ever?  Ok maybe not ever, but it can feel that way when you’re sitting at home with your newborn, staring at the same 4 walls in your home again.  

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