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How to Strengthen Your Relationship During Infertility

Some of us are lucky to have partners who are “naturals” when it comes to providing support during infertility treatment. Probably the majority feel that their partner is helpful and caring and wants to be there for them, but sometimes might not know the best way to do so or the right things to say.  This of course is complicated by what you need at that very moment, which could constantly be changing.

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What Your Friend Going Through Infertility Needs From You

Unless you’ve been through it yourself, it’s tough to understand what someone you care about is going through when it comes to infertility treatments.  For starters, there’s the overhwhelming medical aspect of the process - a whole new dictionary of medical terms to be learned, as well as understanding treatments and what you have to do.  There will be a lot of decisions to consider, sometimes very difficult choices that you would never have to consider otherwise.  Then there’s the lack of privacy that comes with family or friends wanting to know how things are going, but you’re just not ready to talk about it.  Or you simply may not care to reveal the intimate details of your and your partner’s sex organs.  

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