Talking to Your Kids About Postpartum Mood and Anxiety Disorders

hoto by  London Scout

hoto by London Scout

Talking to your kids about mental health struggles is not something that comes naturally for most parents.  You may wonder how much information should you share?  What is the right age to talk about this?  What can young children even understand about depression or anxiety?

I had the honor of writing this post for Postpartum Progress last year.  I have a passion for supporting families during the perinatal period and having honest conversations with children about mental health.  

Having worked with children and families early on in my career, I believe that most parents avoid discussing these issues with their kids because they don't know what to say (and don't want to get it wrong) or believe that their kids wouldn't understand.  But when given age-appropriate information kids actually do understand mental health struggles!  

There are many other benefits as well, which are discussed in the post, including alleviating fears your child may have about what she has observed.  Age-appropriate guidelines are also highlighted to help you think about how you can start this conversation.   


If you know a parent that could benefit from this information, share this post with them! 

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