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Lessons from a Twin Mom

There have been days where I’ve been so proud of having figured out some great twin Mom parenting hack, followed by days where I have felt clueless and lost.  There have been (many) days where I have burst into tears from frustration only to find myself, minutes later, laughing uncontrollably from how sweet and silly they can be with each other.

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Holding on to Hope During Fertility Treatment

Going through fertility treatments can be such an emotional rollercoaster.  Starting out, you may feel hopeful that all your efforts will pay off, then you’re devastated when a cycle doesn’t work out.  You question everything you possibly could have done wrong, only to find the determination and strength to try again.  It’s difficult to ride this rollercoaster without maintaining some hope that what you’re doing will work out eventually.  

But how much hope is ok?

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