Your world has turned completely upside down.

You've been planning for a baby.  This was the right time in your life.  But now there is this giant hurdle standing in your way. You've endured the heartbreaking pain of pregnancy loss and have been devastated by the arrival of your period each month.  You never saw this coming and feel like you have no control over anything anymore.  

If you have been experiencing fertility issues, know that you are not alone1 in 8 couples experience infertility

It can feel very isolating when you see your friends, coworkers, or family members announcing their pregnancies.  You feel like everyone is getting pregnant and wonder when it will be your turn.  You find yourself feeling jealous of your friends’ pregnancies or even angry. 

Your feelings are valid. 

Maybe you've been on your fertility journey for a while now and just can't keep it together anymore.  Everything has become too much - you have no patience lately, the littlest things set you off, you don't even want to see some of your friends.  And then there's the rollercoaster of treatment.  You find yourself holding your breath through each retrieval or cycle, exercising cautious optimism because you just can't bear any more disappointment.     


How can therapy help me?

Maybe you don't know who you can talk to and count on for support.  Family and friends can sometimes say things that are meant to be comforting but are actually hurtful.      
Research shows that the emotional impact of a diagnosis of infertility is comparable to that of a life-threatening medical illness, such as cancer.  Infertility is something you never anticipate.  It is shocking and upsetting, turning your world completely upside down.  

Support is vital to your well-being at this time.  

Therapy can be helpful in providing you with a safe place to express all the things that you can't say to your family or friends.  You don't have to worry about anyone else's feelings or opinions. You don't have to fake being happy.  

Together, we will work on finding ways to manage all the stress you are dealing with right now.  You may need to skip a baby shower.  You may need a response ready for questions about starting a family.  Maybe you need guidance in considering your family-building options.  Or perhaps you need to grieve the losses you have endured, without hearing another awkward, cliché statement.  

We understand all the fertility terminology and what is involved with treatments.  You don't have to worry about explaining anything to us.  We have the expertise to help you weigh the possibilities and decide what is best for you.  Whatever may be troubling you right now, we will find solutions that work for you.  Contact us today to schedule a free phone consultation.  


I've spent so much money on fertility treatments. Will my insurance cover counseling?


We understand how costly fertility treatment can be, depending on your insurance coverage.  We want you to get the support you need without any other obstacles standing in your way.  This is why we accept insurance and are happy to find out your benefit coverage for you.  Getting support should not be difficult.     

We are out of network providers with most insurance companies.  Many plans do offer in and out of network benefits.  We're happy to contact your insurance company to find out what your coverage is.  Please contact us with any questions about your insurance coverage and what your cost will be.        


I feel so alone in all of this. Do you work with couples?

If you are in a relationship, fertility issues are a burden you are both facing.  Many couples find that they need help navigating this road together.  You may not be in agreement about your options, or maybe this whole process has put a strain on your relationship and sex life.  Coming in for couples sessions gives you the opportunity to work through these issues together and strengthen your relationship.

If you are unsure whether you should come together, we would be happy to talk to you more about your concerns.  Get in touch with us and we will sort out what is best for you right now.    

Third-Party Reproduction

Deciding to use a donor or gestational carrier can bring up many questions and feelings. This may not have been the way you envisioned building your family. You and your partner may not be on the same page about how to proceed. If you are single, you may feel overwhelmed by the weight of all of these choices. You are weighing the pros and cons, trying to sort out all this information and make the best decision for you.

Even after making a decision and moving forward, you may be in need of support as you move through the process. New feelings may surface. If you are using a gestational carrier, the grief of not being able to carry can intensify.

You don’t have to go through this alone. You’ve been through so much already. Let us guide and support you from here. Reach out to us today.


We are here to help

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