Laura Winters, LCSW

I’m Laura and I have a passion for helping women and couples who find themselves feeling totally lost at this parenthood stage in their life.  Trouble conceiving and feeling anything less than blissful postpartum are not openly talked about in our society.  People are awkward around these topics.  They don’t know what to say or end up saying hurtful things.  I love being that place where you can talk about these struggles openly and find your way back to feeling confident and enjoying life again.

I understand what it’s like to feel completely thrown off course.  What was supposed to be a happy time in your life has turned into endless days of stress and misery.  You wonder if life will always be this way now.   

You may find yourself questioning the most important relationships in your life or every single decision that you make.  You feel like you are unraveling and don’t know how you will keep it together.  It’s exhaustingand scary.  

You wonder what happened to your confidence and the person you were.  You were always able to juggle a million things.  For the first time in your life, the simplest things feel impossible.

Motherhood isn't as serene as the story painted in the diaper commercials of a quiet, sleeping baby in the arms of a well-rested, put together mother.  And there is no chapter in the pregnancy books on the shocking turns and obstacles along the road to motherhood. 

his is exactly why I am passionate about helping women on their journeys through motherhood.  Because women need to know the other side of motherhood that is not often talked about. 

When you are given accurate information about infertility and postpartum anxiety/depression, as well as support, then you will be less likely to feel ashamed and alone in your experience.  


I enjoying helping women and couples who are ready to make changes, despite the chaos life has created right now.  I take great joy in assisting you to feel confident again and being able to enjoy your life.  

I am a licensed clinical social worker and the director of Postpartum Health & Harmony.  I graduated from Fordham Graduate School of Social Service with my masters degree in clinical social work.  My background includes working with individuals and families in outpatient programs, schools, and private practice.  I received advanced clinical training in infertility counseling, as well as treating Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders.  

We have 2 offices, one in Chatham and the other in Mountain Lakes.  Both are baby friendly, so feel free to bring your baby or leave baby at home.  Whatever will make you more comfortable.

If you have questions, contact me today for a free initial phone consultation. Ready to make an appointment? I look forward to hearing from you! 


Aside from traditional psychotherapy, I am also certified in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).  In an EFT session, the client applies light pressure on acupressure points in order to alleviate distress.  The tapping or pressure restores the flow of energy in the body, thus relieving the emotional or physical pain the person was experiencing.  EFT can be used for a wide range of issues.  In my experience, clients struggling with stress, anxiety, or sleep issues have found it to be particularly helpful.