Living with Anxiety

Your mind seems to constantly be going.  You run through all the things you need to do today, tomorrow, the rest of the week, a month from now.  You can’t comprehend how you could ever truly clear your mind and just be present without a single thought. 

You find yourself avoiding certain people or events and censoring what you say because your worry holds you back, telling you it’s better not to have to deal with all the what ifs and potential disasters. But you feel lonely as a result and wonder if your friends truly know the real you.  

You’ve tried to find solutions, but the commonly recommended methods like deep breathing and meditation don’t work very well for you.  You can’t sit still that long without thoughts popping up.

And your loved ones don’t get it. They tell you to just relax and stop worrying so much, as if that is easy to do and a real solution.  You feel completely misunderstood and clueless as to how you can find peace.      

Conquering Anxiety

Despite these challenges, you are ready to overcome your anxiety, by working towards being more present in your life and more connected to your loved ones. 

You just need some expert guidance on how exactly you get there. 

At PHH, we will assist you in finding new ways of coping with your anxiety that make sense for you.  We believe that therapy and strategies need to work for your life, not that you should fit into a particular approach or the traditional methods.

Identifying what things may be triggering your anxiety will be an important part of our work so that you can better understand your behaviors. This way, we can also create tailored strategies for you.  This may include accepting that anxiety and stress are a part of life, but believing that you can be ok even when stressful, uncertain times come.   

We will review lifestyle changes that aide in reducing overall stress as a proactive measure of decreasing anxiety, rather than relying solely on how to deal in the anxious moment. 

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Is it Anxiety or Depression?

Anxiety and depression often occur together. You may feel depressed and also experience panic, worry, or feeling like your mind won't shut off. Whatever may be true for you, we are here to help you sort this all out and find your way back to feeling happy and connected to your loves ones again.  

Depressed and Alone

You’ve been feeling so lonely and exhausted for some time now.  You know that getting out of the house more would be good for your mood, but you just don’t have the motivation to do much of anything.  Staying home feels much safer, like a warm cozy blanket that you don’t want to take off.

Going out would likely involve interacting with people and you don't have the energy for that right now.  You wonder what would you even talk about?  You don’t have any news to share about your life or funny stories of something that happened to you recently. All your days are the same lately, boring, sad, and lonely. 

So you keep to yourself these days.  And do a lot of thinking, beating yourself up for things that happened in the past and feeling hopeless for your future. 

Maybe this is a familiar place and you’ve struggled with depression before.  Or maybe some major life change or loss has brought you to this place, and it feels entirely unfamiliar for you. Like you don’t even recognize yourself in the mirror anymore. 

Overcoming Depression

Regardless of what led up to this, you are sick of feeling this way and are ready to overcome this emotional hell.  You long to be more connected to friends and family and live your life outside the four walls of your home.  And you very much want to feel confident and more in control of your life again. 

You just need some expert assistance in getting you to that happy, confident, connected, more present life.

At PHH, we will walk you through understanding what things may have triggered your depression so that you will be better prepared should these events happen again.  You will learn coping skills that work best for you, particularly in relation to your current circumstances. 

We will guide you through developing a more balanced perspective of yourself and your life, despite how awful you may be feeling.  You will understand that it is entirely possible to modify your thinking. Thoughts are reactions to what you are going through, and not indicators of your future. 

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Disclaimer: Photo at the top of this page shows a model posing to depict anxiety or depression.